Why & How I Became the CEO of MY Health

by Sarah

My Health Journey

Today I am sharing an overview of my health journey that up to now only my Facebook Community has been privy to so far--although even there I only shared at the surface level. Moving forward, it is my hope that by sharing my journey it will help you, and my clients, find potential solutions that may help lead to some relief. In future notes I will break each part down into micro steps as I share the resources and research I found and used along the way. I hope it helps you!

Topics in Video:

    • Dig Deep

    • Learn Your Numbers

    • Be Persistent

    • Be Resilient and Creative

April 19, 2023

First of all, thank you to those of you that have already watched my video below. Since I originally posted that overview video, I've realized this ramble overview served as a form of therapy for me. Especially, as I regularly read posts in several Facebook Groups where others are sharing their struggles that sound all too familiar. It's hard for me to read those that haven't found their way to the other side yet.

It is for this reason that posting the below ramble really helped me dig back in (plus I received my health records from the 12+ gap I mentioned) to think about how all that has happened could be chunked down into a systematic list of topics. Actually, it helped me realize how I need to turn this note into a course or program in order to follow the same process I use regularly as a Learning Engineer and Researcher. At this point of re-organization I've decided to break it down following my journey to harmony but keeping in mind that NONE of us take the exact same path. Therefore, topics will be available to read by topic but presented in what may appear to be an unorganized pattern if you follow my notes by posting date.

I hope you come back soon! I am looking forward to sharing more about my journey to harmony AND the path I took to become the CEO of MY Health. My hope is that by me sharing my research and journey it may save you some time, discomfort and/or struggle on your path to finding harmony as you Become the CEO of YOUR Health.

In this episode, you will learn:

- 0:41 Topics
- 1:00 Disclaimer
- 1:55 Dig Deep
- 2:05 Becoming My Own Advocate
- 5:34 Learn Your Numbers
- 6:39 Be Persistent
- 11:35 Be Resilient and Creative
- 13:23 Disclaimer


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