Brand Partner PILOT

Let's talk today about YOU becoming part of the Team Harmony Brand Partner PILOT Team!

What is a Brand Partner? What does it mean that it's a pilot?

Have you ever thought about being a Brand Partner?

Brand Partners, often referred to as Brand Ambassadors, act as spokespeople who love to influence their community to learn about the products they use and share.


Dr. Sarah

What do you need to be a Brand Partner?

You have strong communication skills

You are active on social media. Influencer or Micro Influencer is a plus!

Familiarity with social media analytics

If you feel you need help with any of these traits, we have free resources to help you get started!

3 easy steps to free products and income.

Here is how it works!

Be a part of our FREE Brand Partner PILOT program and learn how to share out amazing products. You begin to earn from the moment your first person gets started with our products!

Signup to be a Brand Partner

It's FREE to signup! SO why not?

Try a product, or two!

We talk to help you pick the best products for you and your peeps!

Share the Products

All the tools and resources are provided to you. This allows you to focus on sharing and promoting!

Space is limited so reach out today!

Let's talk TODAY about YOU joining our Brand Partner PILOT Team!

Schedule a call with Dr. Sarah today to learn more about joining our Team Harmony Brand Partner PILOT program! Reserve your spot today to join next months cohort! SPACE IS LIMITED!

During our call we will review the compensation package… it will blow your mind! If we both feel our Brand Partner PILOT program is a good match for you, we will dive right in discussing strategy and available resources so you can jump right in by setting yourself up for success.

And Now

Are You Ready to Begin Designing Your Path Today?

Together let’s head out into uncharted waters to see where your path leads!

USS Mount Hood AE-29 ready to leave dry docks in California

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Dr. Sarah J. Huibregtse

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