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by Sarah
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Thank you so much for taking the first step to learn more about our Brand Partner Opportunity.

Unlike other affiliate programs that reward you only with free products or credits, we don't expect you to have products in hand before we start to reward you. Instead, you sign up, find friends and followers to try things with you, and get paid when they do. The more people you influence the more you make and that's when you start earning FREE PRODUCTS to try and share with your peeps.

I can tell you that the educator in me LOVES working with my Brand Partners. Each of them is SO unique in what they do and how they envision leveraging this program. The potential is amazing so I hope you're open to learning and trying this program with us.

If this doesn't sound like something for you, no worries. We wish you the best! If you know someone that may be interested please feel free to share this link with them. I'd be happy to chat with them to see if this is right for them.

Talk soon,
Sarah, & all of Team Harmony

This is a PILOT Program!

Hopefully you're familiar with and have been involved in at least one or more PILOT or BETA testing projects or programs. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that PILOTs move FAST and require us to be nimble! Things can, and most likely will change along the way. So far, every change to this program has been for YOUR benefit. That's what makes this such an exciting opportunity.

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The DESIRE for Work-Life Balance creates an unprecedented DEMAND for INDEPENDENCE.

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